MercyGate Vision, Purpose & Values


We are here to see: Lives Changed, Relationships Restored, and Destinies Discovered.


MercyGate Church expresses the heart of God through passionate, engaging, real and relevant worship and relationships.

Core Values:

Our Core Values set the foundation for the ministries at MercyGate Church.

Substance – We highly value God’s Word, manifest presence and power operating in and through people.

Honest Relationships – We love and serve people without expectation; mercy is given and grace is received.

Memories – each time we gather for worship, study, fun or family we create touchstones for the future.

Freedom – Keeping the main thing the main thing by encouraging and empowering one another to be salt, light and hope to our region.

Legacy – We form a bridge between generations, choosing to see the potential in the next generation while honoring the wisdom and contributions of past generations.

We Are MercyGate Church